User Guide

There are a few ways to use this Video Jukebox:

Hop, Skip and Jump – Just by left-clicking one image you open the video player. When finished, close with X at bottom-right. With this method you can view only one video at a time.

Set Aside For Later – Right-click chosen video image and choose ‘Open In New Tab’. Continue right-clicking each image until you have several tabs open to the right. View each individually and close each tab as required. Go back to far-left tab to continue viewing Video Jukebox.

Pick and Mix – Use the Playlists created to open in a new tab for YouTube. Click top-right to see contents of playlists. Choose what you want to watch. It’s also possible to shuffle the playing order.

Stack and Flow – If you have a YouTube account, you can add videos to new or existing playlists on your own channel. Just click ‘Save’ bottom-right on relevant YouTube page.

Bigger Picture – Most videos have thumbnail images as placeholders (except on Comps page).  Right-click, ‘open picture in new tab’, will show enlarged image (640×480).  To save, ‘right-click, save picture as..’

Most videos are on the custom alphabet Playlists, except for long compilations or concerts, most with static imagery, plus a few which are on Vimeo or are direct downloads from this website.

Sometimes a video may be unavailable because that channel has removed it.  Although this site is checked often for broken links some may be recent.  Report broken links HERE.

More Detailed Promo Video

Left-Click = Video in Popup Window
Click bottom-right for Fullscreen
Right-Click / Open New Tab = View on YouTube
Right-Click / Open Image New Tab = View Larger Image

|| Best View in Landscape ||

Videos can be added to your Playlists if you have a YouTube account.
To get the best viewing experience, use an ad-blocker or private browser e.g. Brave.

Marie’s Music Video Jukebox